Three Incredible Anti-Aging Research Breakthroughs from 2020

Here are 3 extraordinary clinical innovations on anti-aging and life extension from 2020! The pandemic was front-and-center last year, yet a great deal of various other incredible scientific events took place.

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Here are the links to short articles made use of to research study and create this video.
Tale of Gilgamesh:
Life span in the United States:
What are telomeres:
HBOT study from Tel-Aviv University:
Journal post on Horvath plasma research: (paper is linked in the short article).
ISS/TOR + mitochondria study: 19 )30858-7? _ returnURL= https% 3A% 2F% 2Flinkinghub. 2Fretrieve% 2Fpii% 2FS2211124719308587% 3Fshowall% 3Dtrue.

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