The Age 40 Milestone


Why 40 Is Not Old


Is your 40th birthday approaching? If so, you may be afraid that you friends are going to throw you one of those embarrassing parties announcing to the world that you are turning 40! But you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your approaching birthday because your life really is just beginning!


According to the CDC, the current life expectancy in the United States is 78.7 years according to statistics gathered In 2018. And this is just the average age at death! This means that as you approach your 40th birthday, you are truly only maybe halfway through your life. Thus, you have at least as long as you’ve already lived still left to go. This should make you feel as if your life is just beginning rather than coming to an end!


And this isn’t just about the CDC. One article featured on the Economic Times outlined a survey which discovered that most people finally achieved what they wanted in life at some point during their 40’s.


And this was found to bring them the largest levels of satisfaction in their life up to that point. Thus, it can be assumed that not only is 40 not the end of your physical life, but rather it is also just the beginning of your journey as it pertains to your success.