Spermidine – autophagy & anti-aging research (2021)

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Spermidine is a natural polyamine found in many foods you likely consume; mushrooms, broccoli, apples, nuts, soy, aged cheese & much extra. Like the other polyamines, putrescine and spermine, their attraction to negatively charged compounds like DNA, RNA as well as some proteins have actually led to them being connected to a range of different cellular processes ranging from cell growth to cell fatality.

In terms of spermidine, one cellular procedure it triggers where there is much clinical proof for, is autophagy. Life expansion seen in version microorganisms supplemented with spermidine seems to be autophagy dependent.

For example, in this video clip we will have a look at a current research study that shows dietary spermidine boosts cognitive function in flies as well as mice as well as there is a relationship with spermidine intake and also cognitive efficiency in humans. Yet are there risks to spermidine supplementation as well as would food consumption suffice to get these advantages? Discover in this video.

Intro – 00:00
What is spermidine – 00:30
Spermidine & anti-aging (autophagy) – 02:30
Cognitive function – 05:20
Clinical trials as well as ideas – 10:30

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DISCLAIMER: This video clip is for educational functions. I am not a doctor and also don’t use health and wellness guidance.

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