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Products discussed:
1. OLAY complete impacts anti-aging 7 in 1 day-to-day moisturiser
2. Retinol24 regenerist lotion
3. Regenerist mini sculpting serum- scent complimentary
4. Total impacts Whip face moisturiser SPF25

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Dr Vanita Rattan originated:
– The World’s 1st Hyperpigmentation therapy for skin of colour,
– The World’s 1st Dark Circles therapy https://www.DarkCirclesClinic.com
– The World’s 1st Melasma sunglasses (Dr V) https://www.drvsunglasses.com
– The World’s 1st Lip Pigmentation Kit (Dr V LipX).

She additionally founded The Hyperpigmentation Clinic which is the ONLY Pigmentation Specialist Clinic for darker skin globe wide treating over 30,000 instances with a 95% SUCCESS RATE.
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