Korean Anti Aging Skin Care Tips For Every Age – The Traditional Korean Medicine Guide to Skin Aging

Discover some Korean anti aging skin care suggestions for every single age, based upon the principles of Traditional Korean Medication (Hanbang).

While treatments like botox as well as fillers may supply a fast as well as reliable service to reduce the look of wrinkles, they only operate at a surface area level and stop working to address origin causes of skin aging.

In Eastern Medicine, and also Traditional Korean Medicine in certain, skin aging is understood as the manifestation of the modifications taking place inside our bodies as we grow old. Comprehending these adjustments and also how they influence our bodies, it’s the key to slow down the aging procedure.

In this video clip, I’ll tell you about the dynamics of the natural aging process in Traditional Korean Medicine, and also just how skin care items based upon these concepts (likewise recognized as “Hanbang Skin Care” products) can assist your skin age slower and also better.

If you’re currently familiar with Eastern Medicine, TCM or TKM, you could feel I oversimplified some concepts, but please comprehend that I’m attempting my finest to make intricate concepts obtainable to a bigger audience who’s not always accustomed to the basic principles of Eastern Medicine.

If you do not understand much concerning Eastern Medicine as well as would certainly like to find out more concerning the concepts I talked about in this video, I suggest you to examine out the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine”, the publication where these concepts originate from.

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0:00 -Introduction on Eastern Medicine. 2:18 -The Aging Process in Eastern Medicine.
3:24 – The Fourth Life Cycle.
4:02 – Product Focus: Yunjac – Whole Plant Effect Concentrate.
5:49 – Product Recommendations for The Fourth Cycle.
5:55 – Product Focus: Sulwhasoo – First Care Activating Serum.
6:23 – The Fifth Life Cycle.
7:13 – Product Focus: Donginbi – Red Ginseng Power Repair Emulsion.
8:49 – Product Recommendations for The Fifth Cycle.
9:05 – The Sixth Life Cycle.
9:50 – Product Focus: The History of Whoo – Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum.


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