How I tighten my skin after 80lb weightloss! Dry Brushing and more!

In this video I look at my methods for avoiding sagging and also hot to tighten up skin, and also minimize the look of stretch marks. I review completely dry brushing, micro rolling additionally recognize as derma rolling. You can have a look at my other video on how I lost 80lbs, I have extra pics because one!

The dry brush I utilize get it right here, its really crucial to not use artificial!

MY fav vitamin C product, obtain it below:

Derma/Micro roller obtain it right here:

Alternate to RX REtin a;

Beef Gelatin for collagen:

Obtain guide Eat Stop Eat:

My FAVORITE blender the Ninja, get it below:

My favorite salt, Lemon and vanilla bean salt is right here;

My favorite coconut oil:

Where to obtain Swerve (both kinds that I such as):

The ideal Mexican vanilla:

Almond flour that is my favorite:

My Favorite Low Carb Seasoning by Kosmos (Gluten Free and No MSG):

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