Explosions Rock Kabul, Causing Multiple Casualties; Texas Gov. Issues Exec Order on Vaccine Mandates

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00:00 NTD News Today– 8/26/2021.
01:15 Pentagon: Blast Outside Kabul Airport.
01:54 GOP, Dems Urge Biden to Ignore Deadline.
03:27 A Closer Look at the Group Known as ‘ISIS-K’.
03:37 Afghan Director and Singer Reflect on Chaos.
06:25 Baby Named in Honor of Evacuation Jet.
07:42 Vets’ Health Care Costs Skyrocketing: Study.
09:15 Rally for Medical Freedom and Medial Choice.
12:32 TX Gov. Issues Exec Order on Vaccine Mandates.
13:16 Boston Protest for Medical Freedom.
15:56 Cardinal McCarrick to Appear in Court.
17:33 School Director Explains Virtual Education.
23:40 South Dakota AG Plea Deal After Traffic Death.
24:23 Dylann Roof Conviction, Death Sentence Upheld.
25:04 70+ Elderly People Targeted In Fraud Scheme.
25:54 California Fires Threaten Recreational Sites.
28:25 Argentines Protest Pig Farm Deal W/ China.
29:49 Thailand Develops Machine to Extract More Vaccine.
34:26 Colombia’s New Push to Identify the Disappeared.
37:34 Amphibious Boat Tours Paris.
39:36 Traditional Greek Boatbuilding Craft Fades.
42:03 New Lion Cubs Practice Their Roars.
42:56 5 Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated (Besides Water).

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#KabulAirport #Vaccine #Texas.

Explosions Rock Kabul, Causing Multiple Casualties; Texas Gov. Issues Exec Order on Vaccine Mandates.