Anti Aging Diet with Dr. Stossier

Anti age
Dr. Harald Stossier is a Director of Mayr Clininc, where he as well as his skilled medical group has actually transformed the all natural medication such as used kinesiology, orthomolecular and also hyperthermia. He and his team are devoted to examine new techniques. For more than 20 years, his volunteer service for Austrian Medical Association, has been valued and obtained official accreditation with the Association.
We at rested down with Dr. Stosseir to un ravel the secrets of anti-aging by keeping your food in check. Allow’s see what he has to claim to keep those creases away
1. Eat Less– Live Longer.
2. Include anti-oxidants to your diet plan
3. High quality of fats is necessary.
4. Organic food is the secret
5. Minimize carbs in your diet
So my gorgeous customers, start your anti-aging program today, as it’s never too late.
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