6 Ways to Deal with Change

In this video clip, Creator/Vlogger Leonard “Nard” Mann shares his Six (6) Ways to Deal with Change, which is really timely with what is occurring in the world today. The globe had actually altered.

Nard dedicates this job to his beloved daddy (Mario Mostajo Remirata Mann †) who simply died recently, 24 August 2021, joining his other half (Erlinda Buentipo Mann †) that likewise died in 2015, 27 May 2020. Might their souls remainder in tranquility …

Nard Mann is a Filipino lawyer, and also a regulation teacher in the Mindanao State University College of Law, General Santos City Campus, Mindanao, Philippines. He resides in the same area with his lovely better half, Ma. Lourdes “Leng” Fernandez, as well as their two beautiful children, Liz Abigail (Abby) as well as Liz Adrielle (Addy).

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