5 Reasons PR Should Be Involved In Lead Generation

Over lots of years of evaluating Public Relations project awards, the metric that appears to resonate most strongly with courts is: did this campaign impact the service favorably? As well as among one of the most powerful means to show this is using lead generation.

Additionally, when it comes to B2B public relations, lead generation is commonly central to a project’s success. We lately had a conversation with Susan O’Brien, VP of advertising and interactions at Cisco’s ThousandEyes as well as Nikki Festa O’Brien, SVP at PAN Communications, to discover why the time has come for Public Relations to solidify its duty within list building. In the conversation below, we discuss these five reasons at these time pens:

2:41 How 2020 changed the lead-generation game
6:40 The interaction of content and SEO
9:30 The channel-neutral world makes lead generation a lot more obtainable
13:38 Customer tales, certainly, drive sales
17:30 Lead generation is the suitable outcome of integrated communications

The discussion becomes part of a series in collaboration with PAN Communications: Rebuilding a New Future for B2B Marketing & Public Relations: https://www.provokemedia.com/agency-playbook/the-partner-series/preparing-for-2020-b2b-budgets-skills-integration/