10 Stocks to BUY now!(Growth)2021

In this video, I’m going through 10 TOP stocks to buy this week 2021. These are the best stocks to put on your radar! Actionable entries and exits are given with a lot of talk about why the key levels are picked. I cover a new way to get into trades early that have massive potential.

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TOP 10

MSTR – 0:00
ETHE – 5:20
PACK – 9:04
IIPR – 11:00
ZIM – 16:02
YOU – 18:40
RVLV – 20:33
DAWN – 25:13
SQ – 27:31


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This list of stocks has a mixture of both speculative and seasoned companies, but my technical analysis shows great promise for all these stocks. The more speculative picks are volatile but could result in very high gains, and the safer ones should make you a healthy profit

Make sure to WATCH THE FULL VIDEO to get a technical analysis of each stock and the entry and exit points. You’ll have a better understanding of each stock, which is crucial before deciding to trade.

So, I’ve scoured over 500 charts done the research and I’ll share with you my findings, analysis, and opinions on each stock. In this video, I go over a wide range of companies ranging from, media stocks, to software, and internet companies Some are growth stocks, and some aren’t as “momentum” based. These are the stocks to buy now this week in July 2021

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